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Dubai customer orders RAS-16X6000 large gate type plate Guillotine shearing machine is about to be completed delivery

Customers from Australia, RAS-16X6000 from my company ordered the Mr.Shine large brake type plate Guillotine shearing machine is currently in the assembly shop for the latter parts of the assembly work. The gate type the customer order shearing machine is my company and the Singapore KRRAS joint production, from the traditional machine in Singapore, shearing very lightweight, the gate shears is equipped with our conventional E21 system, this will ensure that the steel plate shear shear distance adjustment in the system, our E21 system also maintained a higher configuration, such as: ESTUN E21 controller, Bosch valve, Siemens motor, Schneider electric, NOK sealing, Sunny pump and all the world famous brand parts., which compared with similar products, we can make the machine more cost-effective, more durable, but also can perform better in actual production.


Now the large gate shears production has entered the end stage, our workers are in strict accordance with the requirements of the production workshop assembly work, I believe that in the near future, when customers receive the machine in their port, will think this is what they expect in the machine, will give us a satisfactory when there is feedback, and future needs directly to find us.

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