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RAS- 8X6000 Guillotine Shearing Machine will be finished in assembling plant

Our customer from South Africa, Mr. Thato, ordered a set of RAS-8X6000 guillotine shearing machine from our company and now it has been transferred to the assembling plant for final work.

This guillotine shearing machine is produced by Singapore KRRAS and our company. We use KRRAS traditional producing and processing technology and technique, and it has its significant advantage while cutting. This  machine is equipped with E21S system, using Taiwan’s HIWIN ball screws and polished rod to ensure the accuracy of its cutting plate width, and the overall machine frame is processed by floor type boring and milling machine which can ensure the cutting straightness of the machine itself. And our normal E21S system also maintains higher configuration: such as ESTUN E21s controller, Bosch valve, Siemens motor, Schneider electric, NOK sealing, Sunny pump and all the world brand parts.

All these equipments show that we have higher requirements on those machines produced and exported from our factory, so as to make sure that when the machines shipped to the hands of customers, they can run efficiently without problem, and have longer working life.

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